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New opportunity to enhance your skills and talent in Costa Rica

We create a magic portal of opportunity to connect the incredible talented people that is in Costa Rica with the opportunities they deserve. Our customers want talented human beings they can enjoy working with in their projects and we offer those positions for the best talent in the world: Costa Rica.

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Discover Opportunities For You in Smash

Smash is here to enhance and accelerate your career in every way possible. We are committed to always improve since we believe that Costa Rica has the best talent in the world for what Smash does.

Why you should join us:

Developers should dare to smash their limitation whether they are at Smash or someplace else. They should not care “to make a living” they should dare to risk loving what they do and know that the world will reward the people who follow their passion over the people who punch the clock.

We have seen firsthand how the culture teaches fear where there is no danger. We see people focus on “stability” and look to the company they work for to give it to them instead of seeing that stability and growth comes from inside. That’s the reason to switch to Smash, so we can teach you to embrace your awesomeness!

Kelly Phillips


How it all started

I began in Tech when it was called “data processing”, it was a very different world. I was lucky to have the lowest level of access on system I wasn’t really qualified to work on. I was lucky but if I hadn’t had been hungry and humble, I would have failed.

I was hungry enough that I studied day and night, I would always ask someone else to drive if I went anywhere so I could study. I was starved for information and needed to learn everything I could as fast as possible. I was humble and thinking I knew everything never got in my way.

I remember listening to a presentation for an award for outstanding the best employee in the division, As I listened, I began to dream of the day I could be worthy of such an award. Then they called my name, and I was stunned. Worst of all I hadn’t heard a word about how awesome I was since I was dreaming about the day, I might be worthy of recognition.

Story from the beggining

Kelly Phillips tells us:

In the beginning all I knew about Costa Rica I learned from watching Jurassic Park and in that movie the programmer got ate by a dinosaur. A couple years went by, and I met someone who convinced me I might not have the best source of information on the topic.

In the mid 90s a friend and associate told me the story of how he was hired to create a plan for “near-shore” resourcing, his plan was centered in Costa Rica. It was over 10 years later when I found myself the CTO of who was in desperate need of engineers. It was so bad that the only solution was to stop growing the company or do something radical.

Eventually all the executives came to visit the office in Lindora and went home wishing they could get the same level of talent across the company in Utah. It was my greatest success. I left Backcountry but I haven’t stopped talking Costa Rica for the last 15 years and after helping about 20 other companies find the amazing talent here, I decided I should start my Smash.